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  • Breast Cancer Information about Breast Cancer.
  • Center For Disease Control The CDC in Atlanta has all the latest information about preventing illness when traveling.
  • FamilyDoctor A comprehensive on-line resource from the American Academy of Family Physicians.
  • Grossmont Hospital Sharp Grossmont Hospital has provided over 50 years of service to San Diego's East County community and is adjacent to Grossmont Family Medical Group.
  • Gynecologic Cancers Information for females about Gynecologic Cancers.
  • Intelihealth Health information from Aetna and Harvard Medical School.
  • MayoClinic Minnesota based health care information site.
  • MedlinePlus Reliable information from the National Institute on Health.
  • Prostate Cancer Information for males about Prostate Cancer.
  • Quackwatch The bane of Internet-based medical fraud worldwide comes from surprisingly modest beginnings. In the 1960’s, psychiatrist Stephen Barrett says, “I became irritated about quackery after reading two books on the subject.” Some of us, when irritated, write a strongly worded letter. Dr. Barrett launched a nonprofit organization, and began a struggle against purveyors of bad medicine that would span four decades (and counting). Dr. Barrett launched a website in 1996, christening the site— and renaming his organization—Quackwatch, Inc.
  • Sharp Healthcare Sharp HealthCare, based in San Diego, has excellent information on local health programs and resources.
  • The Virtual Body Visitors to this site will find a colorful, animated, annotated map of four major systems in the human body. “Guided Tours” serve as automated looks at the function of a given system; particularly entertaining examples include an animated trip down the gastrointestinal tract and a Javabased model of a functioning human heart. Visitors are given guided tours and narrations of each of these areas, as well as the option to zoom in for a closer look; resources are available in both English and Spanish.
  • WebMD More quality health care information.

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